International Safety Evaluators and Rescue Trainers, LLC.

Our specialized courses are offered throughout world. Classes are in modules for maximum retention in a short period of time. We will bring you some of the best instructors in the industry.

We will build a custom course to fit your specific need, be it a basic or advanced firefighter course, advanced auto extrication, confined space, Haz-mat, or rope course.


ISERT instructors can bring your staff up to par on safety training

We will customize your experience to fit your specific need. Our instructors can train your personnel in just about any aspect of safety training: industrial safety, confined space (attendant, entry and technician), fire extinguisher operations, fire drill safety, evacuation procedures, and Haz-mat. Our classes meet or exceed all OSHA requirements for confined space work. All ISERT courses can fulfill your needs in the many disciplines of safety training. Let ISERT do all the training, and you will benefit from instructors that are some of the best in their field.

ISERT also offers safety evaluations for your industrial site or local need. Have one of our staff put together a customized safety plan, and train your personnel on how to execute the plan effectively.


Your safety is number one!

With multiple fire course levels, including fire extinguisher training, vehicle fires, basic firefighter, and advanced firefighter courses, ISERT can have you ready to fight fire just about anywhere.

Let our instructors bring an NFPA course, or give us the topic of a specific training need, and we will come to you ready to train. All of our ISERT instructors have years in the fire service. They will guide you through live fire evolutions, giving you an experience like no other. We will make sure you are confident in your ability to do the job right. When the time comes to face a fire emergency, you will have the skills and the confidence to get the job done. We will also show you survival techniques for the fire ground.

Our instructors will make sure you are comfortable with each module of firefighting.


Proper patient packaging and removal are key to patient care.

If you are seeing more and more motor vehicle accidents, or out of the ordinary technical type rescues, then ISERT has the training module for you! Our team of instructors is extremely proficient in rescue techniques. Combined, they have cut thousands of cars apart, shored buildings, stabilized trenches, and hung from ropes, both in rescues and in training. With courses including auto extrication (basic and advanced), building shoring / collapse rescue, trench rescue, confined space, rope rescue, and firefighter rescue (RIT/RAT), ISERT will bring you the latest techniques in extrication, shoring, lifting and moving, and so much more.

We will show you the proper way to stabilize, gain access, and remove a patient from an entanglement.

First Aid

AHA/CPR/AED & First Aid

You are sitting at your workstation and hear a crash in the cubicle next door; then you hear someone yell, "Call 911". You look over and find your coworker lying unconscious on the floor. What do you do?

Let ISERT train you and your coworkers on exactly how to handle this situation and many others. Our seasoned instructors have years of experience and will take you step by step through the process of workplace medical emergency management. From a sudden illness, to a laceration to the hand, to cardiac arrest, our instructors will train you in the correct way to manage these situations, by teaching you what to do before the ambulance arrives.

You don’t know CPR? Not a problem. We can come to your facility, train and certify your workers by AHA standards. We can also add AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) certification. With these lifesaving devices in more and more workplaces, finding someone who knows how to operate one correctly is the hard part. Through our training, you will gain the skill and confidence to use an AED properly. With this invaluable knowledge, you may save a life one day, either at work, or in the community.

Already have these certifications? ISERT can re-certify you and your employees on an annual basis.

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